Y O U R   C A T E R I N G   N E E D   P R I O R I T Y

For us, cooking takes center stage. Our motto of “passion for quality” has characterized ISLA in fine food since the earliest years, and remains superbly evident in every flavor that garnishes the taste in an ISLA’s fine course. Our food is fresh, delicious and cleverly prepared.


Whatever your catering needs or desires are, we take pride in at the least meeting them and at best vastly exceeding them. 

In developing menus to the clients specification, we take account of seasonal availability , locality of the produce, provenance and healthy cooking. A wide range of imaginative vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and dairy free dishes have featured on our menus for many years and are always being developed along with other dishes for specific dietary needs.


Just look at those pictures below to see what dishes we have served before and what we are ready to serve at your event. While viewing leave place to your imagination on menus, to our food serving experience and to your next event uniqueness, and get in touch to find out more and book your next event catering.


All photos belong to "ISLA Catering" and picture the real dishes of our cuisine.